Pathfinders work closely with medical and other professionals to bring support and information to families of craniofacial patients.  Volunteers offer a shoulder to lean on, educational materials, and referrals to local, state and federal services designed to enhance the care they get from their medical teams.  Most of all, they understand what it's like to make this journey.

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Members of th network are trained and managed by Executive Director Debbie Oliver, Program Director Joyce Bentz and Action Team Coordinator Robin Remele.

Our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are governed by the AboutFace USA Code of Ethics.

We currently have an all-volunteer staff of twenty individuals serving on our Board of Directors and Action Team, including medical and other professionals.

There are nearly 700 registered Pathfinders in the United States alone, and and many more around the world.  Thousands of additional volunteers help keep the network going!

Our websites at and and others are viewed over 300,000 times each year.  Our on-line support module at the Family-to-Family Connection has over 1,400 subscribers and is growing every day!

Our dedicated volunteers serve thousands of individuals and families each year through the Pathfinder Outreach Network, as well as through our local and regional outreach events and the North American Craniofacial Family Conference (NACFC).

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The Pathfinder Outreach Network is a system of networking families and individuals whose lives are touched by congenital and acquired facial differences...and much more.
What is the Pathfinder Outreach Network?
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